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BUG? hello can you check export option? In gray scale whole sprite sheet exports ok BUT with color i receive one file with 7x2px (1kb)

Yes, that’s the palette look-up texture. It is for a simpler & faster palette-changing shader. Horizontally are laid out colors the gray value is pointing to. Vertically you can change the active palette. I don’t know about Unity shaders, soon I might be able to create an example for it. Meanwhile, I have provided a link to example projects in the description for GameMaker2 and Godot.

its possible to export edited Sprite sheet with color? Because i see only "Save gray Sprite"

It was made as a tool to generate textures for shaders. I see that it could be used for recoloring although there are better tools for that. I use Aseprite or Libresprite for that. But I’ll put that feature in fairly soon.

Ok im waiting for your feature. I like your tool

It’s in.


Hey, I bought this tool and I love it! I'm currently using a tilemap for a 2.5D game in Godot, and I was looking at your shader examples trying to convert it to work with 3D mesh. The palette gets applied to my object but the colors are all over the place and was wondering if you could help. If not, then still thanks for the tool!

Basic idea is that gray texture is a horizontal lookup value for palette texture. I usually give little offset because the value is right on the border between colors, maybe that’s the problem. The offset I use is -1/colorcount*0.5 to be in the middle of the palette color. Then add a vertical offset to choose the palette row on the palette texture.


I understand the theory behind it, but It seems I need to up my shader knowledge


got it working spent 3 hours, just needed to remove "hint: albedo"



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Thank you!

I just noticed that has added a new banner that is making use of the tool useless. For time being, please try it on their site -

There must be some problem with the online editor, it does not save the palettes well.

In this gif you can see, although I save the palette with the predefined colors, then it is displayed with a white color for the edges.

The last clicked color is kept active and whatever color is clicked in the palette is applying to it. If it’s not that could you please record that tweaking more to show the bug but also showing full app?


I owe you my life

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I’m gifting it back to you! I’m glad you like it.

Can you modify multiple colors at the same time? to make current palette colors all modified by the same amount?

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No. If I'll find a way to do that I'll try to make it into SpritePalettizer.