A downloadable Ace Drift for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Nepieciešama jaunāka vai jaudīgāka ierīce, lai to izmēģinātu kā nākas.  Grafiskie effekti ir izslēgti pēc noklusējuma. Ir pieejama Windows, Linux un Mac versijas.


A un D vai būltiņas pa kreisi un pa labi. Android versijai touch sensori attiecīgajā ekrāna pusē.

Pagaidām spēlē pieejama tikai viena trase.

Spēles dizains, programmēšana, skaņas dizains un mūzika: Agnis Aldiņš (NeZvērs)

Android version requires a newer or performant device to play it as intended. By default all graphical features are disabled. There are Windows, Linux, and Mac test versions.

Right now there is only one game level.

Controls are A & D or Left & Right. On Android, it's the respective side of the screen.

Game design, programming, sound design, and music: Agnis Aldins (NeZvers)


AceDrift_win.zip 20 MB
AceDrift_Lin.zip 21 MB
AceDrift_Mac.zip 21 MB
AceDrift.apk 30 MB

Development log


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The mobile version doesn't work it just flashes the godot logo

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It works but it’s not optimized (working on it). Might be the problem of many assets loaded on start. If you have a lot of other apps running it might be the problem. I have an old Samsung A5 and it runs but low FPS. If you still have problems, please try out a desktop version.


no probs. Did you see my feedback in your channel. I'll love to shoot stuff in this game 

I’ll see if this feature will be possible in the time limitation I have.


good luck

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Yay there's a mobile download option

(1 edit) (+1)

Neesmu liels car drifting spēļu fans, bet vadāmība, gameloop un gameplay ir plūstoši!

Good job!


Nice game a thumbs up for it.